Economic Field Work

For the fieldwork, my meeting was with an economic development graduate Miss Young who is currently working under the United Nations program. Miss Young is currently involved in a project that is aimed at helping people in developing countries on how to put up and manage small businesses. The reason for my meeting with her was to find out what developed countries are doing that developing countries are not. 

Miss Young was quick to point out that developing countries are faced with poor governance with a lot of corruption and hence no form of development from the government. As well, she mentioned that, investors are scared of venturing into these countries and hence no jobs for even those who are lucky to have some form of education. Citing Jamaica as an example, she explained how those who lack education and jobs contribute to high crime rates. So, what should these countries do?

To answer this question, Miss Young argues that it all starts with the government. They should use the resources they have to make their hospitals better, upgrade their schools and encourage people to invest in their countries for job creation. As well, these countries should train their youths on technical innovations and hence create their own products instead of importing everything. As well, they should not be overly reliant on foreign aid for food but instead produce their food to reduce poverty.

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