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When is Multi-Credit Banking a Double Dip???

More and more mitigation banks are “multi-credit” banks, which generate different kinds of offsets on one property. That’s fine — and even encouraged — under US federal law, provided the credits come from different parts of the property. That means a mitigation banker who restores a wetland that then teems with endangered wildlife can earn […]

EPA retrospectively veto’s a Corps permit, and it might just be OK.

Calm down, we can handle this: EPA retrospectively vetos a Corps Permit after the fact. This month the DC Circuit Court upheld the EPA’s jurisdictional authority to retrospectively veto a USACE 404 permit to fill waters covered by the CWA. In simpler terms – the Corps gave their approval for a mining company to discharge into streams around their proposed mining […]

Overhead at Katoomba China: How do you define a ‘beneficiary’?

An interesting comment during the keynote address became a recurring theme during today’s public meeting at Katoomba XVIII: Forests, Water, and People. Niu Chonguan, Deputy Director General of the Department of Soil and Water Conservation at the with the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources spoke about soil and water conservation incentives in China and efforts to […]

A Tale of Two Markets

We’re bringing you live coverage all week from New Orleans of the 2013 National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference. Check back often! Thursday morning’s Alternatives to Mitigation session found Craig Denisoff taking the podium to talk about habitat credit trading systems – a new species of mitigation program – and where they stand in relation to […]

Overheard at the National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference

“One of the priorities of the National Mitigation Banking Association is to try to get some teeth into the [Endangered Species Act]. If all regulators had to require conservation and mitigation measures, we’d have a thriving market. The agencies that are designed to protect these species are missing these opportunities.” – Craig Denisoff, “Alternatives to […]

What’s Next for the Mitigation Banking Industry?

We’re bringing you live coverage all week from New Orleans of the 2013 National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference. Check back often! March 8, 2013 This conference marks the passing of the torch, with presidency of the National Mitigation Banking Association passing from Randy Wilgis to Doug Lashley for the 2013-2014 period. In this videoblog, Wilgis […]

Wetlands methodology, GM, Disney-funded forestry projects draw raves

At this week’s American Carbon Registry (ACR) annual awards ceremony, some of North America’s biggest voluntary offset buyers showed it is a small world after all, purchasing carbon credits from the same forestry organization. General Motors (GM) and the Walt Disney Company drew raves for their common affinity for projects developed by the National Forest Foundation, […]

Coverage of the Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference – July 31

Practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and educators in the ecosystem services field have arrived from all over the world (47 countries if you’re counting) in Portland, Oregon for the 5th Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference. Ecosystem Marketplace’s Genevieve Bennett is live-blogging the conference. July 31, 2012 – Afternoon The afternoon has been a bit of a blur, with […]