What’s Next for the Mitigation Banking Industry?

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March 8, 2013

This conference marks the passing of the torch, with presidency of the National Mitigation Banking Association passing from Randy Wilgis to Doug Lashley for the 2013-2014 period. In this videoblog, Wilgis and Lashley discuss priorities and challenges for the Association and the mitigation banking industry more broadly, and reflect on progress so far.

Randy Wilgis on Progress so Far

Randy Wilgis has just completed his term as NMBA President in this morning’s NMBA Annual Meeting. Reviewing current drivers for the association, and priorities for action, he comments on the achievements of the association and work so far fostering growth of the mitigation and conservation banking markets and overcoming challenges, with regulatory and policy work and lobbying in Washington, DC. Mr. Wilgis also notes the achievements working with large NGO’s such as Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy and Environmental Defense Fund to create a strong, consolidated message with regulation and policy. Standardization across regions and local implementation is a key part of this. He also comments on the current challenges given current budgetary constraints within regulatory department, and the importance of maintaining membership to support the Association’s work.

Doug Lashley Previews 2013-2014 Priorities

Mr. Doug Lashley, of Greenvest LLC, Maryland, has just taken over as President of the NMBA for the 2013- 2014 year. He describes the some of the priorities notes the focus upon improved ‘hard’ data, and moving from lobbying for improved process towards how to best use the credits generated and finding new ways both for permitted and non-permitted impacts, to grow the use and continue to vibrancy of the Conservation and Mitigation Banking Market; an observation of the seemingly wider trend within the industry of a second phase, of sorts, of this environmental market. Of course, as incoming President he’ll be focusing on growing membership of the Association, and continuing to work on the suggestions and feedback from members in years to come.

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